Zero Profile

Ningbo Zero Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is engaged in R&D and production of high performance engineering plastic products.

Its former is Ningbo Zherlong Plastic Business Department (industry and comer registration No.: 3302041001203) founded in 2000. At the beginning of its establishment, its main business scope covered engineering plastic products. Considering lack of high performance engineering plastic products production in China, the company started its production since 2005. From PP and ABS  general plastic products at the early stage steadily to POM, PPS and PEK high temperature engineering plastic products, the POM plate and bar and PPS plate and bar from the company have achieved a leading position in China. During repeated trail production of PPS plate, we created “impulse extrusion” and successfully applied national patent (patent No.:  201410330331.1). 

Moreover, we have a unique way to relieve product stress. By several stage of temperature rising and heat preservation, temperature of the product shall come to a critical one, and this is a vital value for the critical temperature. Under the critical temperature, molecules start strenuous exercise after getting sufficient heat energy. During slow fall of the temperature, molecules perform rearrangement. The rearrangement shall me more stable, and most of the stress shall be relieved during this stage. Control of the critical temperature is the key point for it. 100 hours or more shall be needed for complete such a course generally. The products treated with reasonable stress relief feature small in distortion and suitable for precise processing.

We have developed a long-term cooperation with departments of famous colleges and universities, and we keep making further investments in R&D to ensure R&DD and innovation of the products.

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